Tiger Tiger Tiger


Application scope

It is used for the soft start and protection of the low-voltage squirrel cage motors with capacity ranging from 7.5kw to 500kw

Working principles

The parallel thyristors are connected into stator circuit of the low-voltage motors. Voltage drop start is achieved by adjusting the break-down angle of thyristors, which is controlled by the 32-digit ARM micro-controller.

Prformance characteristics

Multiple starting methods
Current limit soft start, voltage index curve, voltage ramp linear curve, current index curve; Programmable kick start starting torque and starting current limit. Advanced communications functions
RS485 communicatinos interface adopted to enables the users to internet connection control. Built-in Modbus standard protocol adopted, easy for configuration connection.

Double-data functions

Two sets of motor control data for motors with different power ratings,making the control over two motors of different power ratings possible. Multiple stoppage modes
Programmable soft stoppage, free stoppage, break stoppage, soft stoppage plus brake stoppage.
Dynamic memory for errors
15 accidents can be recorded, easy for trouble- shooting.
Well-developed protection function
Protections against overload, overheat, phase failure, power loss and micro-computer by means of feedback on current and load details.


The starter unit can be supplied alone, or, the starter panel can be supplied with by bypass switch and power switch arranged inside the same panel depending on requirement of users

Standards adopted

GB/T12747. I-2004
IEC 60831-1:1996

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