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Application scope

It is used for the soft start and protection of H.V. squirrel-cage motor or asynchronously-started synchronous motor,with rated voltage range of 3.3KV ~ 15KV, especially fit for the industrial enterprises with insufficient power capacity.

Technical parameters:

Rated voltage(kv):3.3KV-15KV
1-minute impulse withstand voltage (kv):10/18,20/23,28/32 (phase to ground) 12,15,18 (between phases)
Starting current (A):1.5-3.7 In
Starting time (s):10-60-120 (adjustable on site)
Normal working temperature of liquid resistor:0-70o
Continual starting attempt (times):3-4 (below 1250kw); 2-3 (above 1250kw) (ambinet temperature 25o)
Protection level: IP20, IP30


Domestically advanced computer emulated software used so that the starting process can be analyzed 2.Adjustable:
The starting time, the resistance of the liquid resistor can be adjusted
3. Controllable:
The resistance of the liquid resistor can be adjusted so the whole starting process and the power systems voltage are also controllable
4.Repetition availability:
The initial value of the liquid resistor can be adjusted based on the ambient temperature and the proceeding starting temperature so as to maintain the stability of the starting process.
5.PLC controller with high reliability is adopted, which makes available the remote communication and central control and meets the requirements by DCS control system
Smooth starting process with no impact to mechanical system, motor and power systems .

Standards adopted

Technical requirements for high voltage switch cabinet and control device
GB/T11022-1999 IEC 60694:1996
3~35kV AC metal-cased switch device GB3906-1991 IEC298: 1990
High voltage AC motor liquid soft start equipment

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