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Application scope

It applies to the soft start, in-situ compensation and control of main circuit of wound-rotor or squirrel-cage asynchronous motors with rated power of 50kW~500kW, rated voltage of 440V, and work frequency of 50 Hz.

Wroking principle

A high quality capacitor is connected in parallel to stator for on-site reactive compensation.
A special variable liquid resistor is serially connected to the rotor (for wound-rotor motor) or the stator (for squirrel-cage-type motor) for starting.
The main control circuit and the variable liquid resistor start circuit are arranged in the same cabinet.
The variable liquid resistor gets to work with the start of the motor and its resistance gradually decreases during the preset time, and then the motor starts smoothly.
The resistor is cut off upon the completion of the start process. As the capacitor is always connected in parallel to the outlet terminal of the stator in the course of starting and operation, the equipment has small start current, also compensates for power factor of the motor. By this way, we can achieve soft start and energy saving.
The device is capable of efficiently reducing the start current of motor, improving the power factor in the course of start, and reducing the impact on power systems.
The device is capable of improving the power factor of the power-driven equipments, reducing the idle loss and improving the quality of power supply. Energy saving rates can reach up to 10% to 20%.
The device features its compact structure, complete safeguards, easy operation, automatic starting, running, protection, and compensation functions.

Main techincal primers

Initial start current(A): Iq≤1.3Ie for winding type; Iq≤2.5Ie±20% or squirrel-cage type;
Start time span(s): 10 to 40, preset , adjustable on site
Start attempts(times): 3 to 6 attempts continually (ambient temperature:25oC)
Ways of compensating and controlling: continual, static, synchronous
Power factor of compensation: ≥ 0.95
Normal working temperature of variable liquid resistor: 0~70oC
Protection level: Ip20, IP30

Standards adopted

Low voltage switch set and control device
GB/T14048.1-1993 IEC947-1: 1998
GB7251.1-1997 IEC439-1: 1992
Automatic liquid resistor starting device, speed regulation and compensation control device Q/FZR1-2003

Ambient working condition

Ambient temperature: Max: +40℃ , Min: 0℃ (-10℃ for device with heater)
Altitude above sea level: no more than 2000m
Relative air humidity no more than 90%(when ambient temperature is 25℃)
Note: This is a general design. If there are any special requirements, please state them separately.Provided that a main control circuit is already available, only a start control device is needed.

How to order

When ordering, please provide the following data:
1. Motor type (wound-rotor or squirrel), rated power, stator current, stator voltage, rotator current, rotator ,voltage; rated speed
2.Rated power factor
3.Load characteristics of motor (working condition)
4.Surface color of equipment
Note: If customer has any special requirements, please consult our company.

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