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General introduction

It adopts the most advanced analog logic method to eliminate harmonic. Real-time detect the wave form of the non-line loads in the grid. Active harmonic filtering, power factor improvement all in one, excellent quality, wth the characters of quick response, widely filtering, high efficiency filtering, wont affected by the parameter of the system and it is small in size.

Working principle

Real-time detect the load current, quick distinguish the harmonic current component and fundamental wave, input equal and opposite compensate current into the grid to realize instant filtering and power factor improvement.

The passive current provided by ZAPF could be preact or hysteretic, in order to improve the grid power factor and realize power factor improvement.

Main Characteristics

Optimal double-closed loop control and filtering control technique adopted to ensure accurate sensing of harmonic and efficient filtering; Boasted dynamic quick response, wide-scale harmonic filtering; Well-developed protection system and intelligent control methods within the equipment can automatically limit current in response to the temperature to assure stable long-term operation of the device. Due to this, the resonance with users power network system can be avoided to achieve safe work of the users equipment .

Harmonic and power factor improvement strategy applied optimizes the users power factor improvement technology. Unique control calculation ensures perfect combination of the two devices.

LCD screen applied on the operation interface, easy for handling;Display interface can show the voltage, current, harmonic and some other parameters; Optional function includes the harmonic filtering mode, power factor improvement mode and the combination of harmonic filtering and power factor improvement mode; Polarity and change rate of current transformer can be controlled through software; Target power factor and output current can be controlled to meet the demands; Device failure and unexpected errors can also be recorded.

Simple design and scheme selection, easy for installment and operation, flexible cable arrangement (from the top and from the bottom); if special transformer is adopted, it is suitable for 10kv or below.

Technical Specification:

Work voltage (V) 440±10% Work frequency (Hz) 50/60±0.5 Rated compensation harmonic current (A) 100 Power kW 3.0 Protection level IP20,IP30 Dimensions(mm H×W×D) 1800×700×600 Weight (kg) 209 Cable arrangement from top& from bottom Filtering capacity Max. output filtering current 100A each set Reactive power output capacity Max. 66kvar(capacity, induction) each set Filtering times 2~50th harmonic Response time < 10ms Power factor correction Yes, Controllable Current-limit capacity automatically limit current responding to temperature IGBT Switch frequency 16MHz

Work conditions:

Ambient temperature 0~40oC

Temperature for storage -40~65oC

Relative humidity Max.95%, no condensing

Altitude above sea level 1000m below

Data required for design:

1.Rated voltage of power system

2.Total volume of harmonic needed for compensation within power system

3.Compensation capacity required by power system

4. Installment requirements and cable arrangement

Note: Full-scale assessment on the users power system will be performed by SSE upon request, and optimal scheme will also be proposed as well

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