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Soft Start Over DOL

Problems of DOL start

  • Excessive voltage drop during DOL start interferes with the normal function of the equipment connected to the same power system (unless the power supply system is big enough)
  • Unduly high acceleration speed have great mechanical impact on transmission gear and load, thus shortens life of load.
  • Excessive heat produced by high starting current during DOL start shortens life of coils of motor
  • Unduly high acceleration speed shortens the life of bearings and rotors of motors

Advantages of liquid soft starter

  • With soft starters the above-mentioned can be avoided.
  • Soft starters can prolong life of motor and protect against mechanical impact on transmission gear and load
  • Most important of all, as the start current and start duration of our liquid resistor soft starters can be adjusted on site, our liquid soft starters can start the motors even if more loads are connected to the same power supply system in the future.

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